Advisory Board

Willie Hooks, Start-up and Business Management Advisor

Mr. Hooks is the President and CEO of JTE Associates, Inc., and has achieved recognition as an expert in business effectiveness as a result of consulting with many world class organizations. He is a teacher of management best practices and techniques for turning business performance around and enhancing a company’s financial success. He is also the author of several books and many audio programs on business and personal effectiveness. Hooks is a highly sought-out coach and consultant to senior executives in companies ranging from start-ups to the fortune 500 including ITM Software Corporation, Silicon Graphics, and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Mark Reed, President – High Ground Partners LLC

Mr. Reed has a proven track record of excellence as a technology industry CEO as well as a prominent executive coach and corporate strategist. Since 1997, High Ground Partners LLC has successfully executed numerous high profile U.S.-based corporate turnaround projects in addition to completing over forty additional consulting engagements focused on refining company strategies, developing leaders, and establishing systems and processes that improve the effectiveness of cross functional teams and the employee/employer relationship. Reed previously served as a Vice President of Marketing and Sales for a business unit of General Electric and was one of the primary drivers in the rapid growth of Portland, OR-based In Focus Systems during the 1990s. He currently serves on several corporate and non-profit boards and is often asked to be the featured speaker at prominent community events on the topics of “High Impact Leadership” and “Marketing and Sales Best Practices.”

Paul Neale, President and CEO – DOAR

As President and CEO of DOAR Litigation Consulting and a principal consultant in the firm’s Discovery Consulting practice, Mr. Neale has leveraged nearly 20 years of managing complex litigation matters to build one of the industry’s fastest-growing companies. Under his direction, DOAR has become the only company that has centralized all services needed to manage large, complex litigation matters. Neale has assembled a management team of experts in the fields of jury consulting and trial support to create an organization whose scope of services and expertise is unmatched. Nationally recognized as an expert in overall case management with an emphasis on the management and production of electronic evidence and the use of technology at trial, Neale is a published author, speaker and accredited CLE instructor. He consults clients on implementing best practices, the current state of the law as it relates to the evolution of the rules of evidence, and the impact of technology in displaying evidence on jurors’ decision-making. Neale is a testifying expert in federal court regarding the proper preservation, management and production of electronic evidence, and routinely supports clients in their negotiations with opposing counsel or regulatory/government agencies. He testified before the advisory committee which drafted FRE 502 dealing with privilege waiver. He has prepared affidavits outlining best practices in the handling of electronic evidence and the defensibility of response programs on behalf of his clients. He is also a member of the Sedona Conference’s Working Group on Electronic Discovery, which spans a wide array of industries including financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, media, manufacturing, and individual white collar defendants. Neale graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and has taken advanced courses at the Wharton School of Business.

Kenneth L. Coleman, Chairman – Accelrys, Inc.

Mr. Coleman serves as the Chairman of Accelrys, Inc and the Chairman of MIPS Technologies. He also serves on the Boards of Directors of City National Bank and United Online. He is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council for the business school at Ohio State University. Coleman is on the Board of AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah. He serves as an advisor to several technology companies including Saama Technology, KMS Software, Amarantus Therapeutics, Blaze Mobil and Meru Networks. Coleman is a member of the Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG) which is a group of twelve representatives, six from the United States selected by the United States Trade Representative and six from India selected by the India Minister of Commerce and Industry. This group’s mission is to provide strategic recommendations and policy insights that infuse new ideas and generate new initiatives to assist the Trade Policy Forum (TPF) to strengthen and expand bilateral U.S. – India trade and investment. Coleman is the founder and former chairman and CEO of ITM Software, an enterprise software company focused on the information technology function that was sold to BMC Corporation. Previously, he was Executive Vice President of Global Sales, Service and Marketing for Silicon Graphics, Inc (SGI) and prior to joining SGI, he was Vice President of Product Development at Activision, Inc., responsible for software development activities. In addition, Coleman spent 10 years at Hewlett-Packard Company, where he held several management positions, including a two-year assignment in Europe. He also served as a Captain in the United States Air Force. Coleman is the recipient of numerous honors, including the Ohio State University Distinguished Service Award and School of Business Distinguished Graduate Award; the American Leadership Forum of Silicon Valley Exemplary Leader Award; the Silicon Valley Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame; the Silicon Valley Conference for Community and Justice Annual Exemplary Community Leadership Award; the Rainbow Push Silicon Valley Project Trailblazer Award; and the Information Technology Senior Management Forum Beacon Award.

Dr. Kirit Shah MD, Board Certified Urologist

Dr. Shah is a Board Certified Urologist. He has been practicing medicine in Portland, OR for more than thirty years. Aside from the practice of medicine, Dr. Shah has been working to understand and optimize the use of changing technology in managing and growing a medical practice. In collaboration with his wife, Dr. Rupa Shah, another well-known physician with multiple Pediatric practices in Portland, he has effectively deployed technology to manage not just patient or medical records, but the business records of multiple- clinic practices. Dr. Shah is actively involved in a commercial venture focused on the development of cancer related biomarkers and chemotherapeutic agents for lung and liver cancer.

Mike Delgado, Vice President of Sales – Verix, Inc.

Mr. Delgado is the Vice President of Sales for Verix, Inc, a Silicon Valley based SaaS analytics solution provider in the Life Sciences industry. As a senior sales and business development executive with more than 25 years of experience, he integrates an entrepreneurial approach into his sales and business development. Delgado has helped technology companies to reduce costs and grow revenue by emphasizing this dual focus on sales and business development principles. His leadership and contributions at companies such as General Electric, Sony, British Telecom, Acxiom, Panorama Software, Brio, and Keane, Inc. provides an excellent background and the insight needed as an iBridge Advisory Board member. In addition, Delgado participates in technology forums and presents on technology topics with Microsoft, Intel, and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), as well as fund raising activities with the American Cancer Society.

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