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Our Advisory Board​

We work with you on business problems that you want to solve. We bring in our consulting experience for the transformation projects that you want to embark upon. Our technology workforce is certified across platforms and delivers a pleasant experience not just for you, but also for your end users.

Our legal and business process outsourcing services augment your business and revenues through automation and introduction of industry-standard processes.

Dr. Kirit Shah

MD, Board Certified Urologist

Dr. Shah is a Board Certified Urologist. He has been practicing medicine in Portland, OR for more than thirty years. Aside from the practice of medicine, Dr. Shah has been working to understand and optimize the use of changing technology in managing and growing a medical practice. In collaboration with his wife, Dr. Rupa Shah, another well-known physician with multiple Pediatric practices in Portland, he has effectively deployed technology to manage not just patient or medical records, but the business records of multiple- clinic practices. Dr. Shah is actively involved in a commercial venture focused on the development of cancer related biomarkers and chemotherapeutic agents for lung and liver cancer.