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Our Advisory Board​

We work with you on business problems that you want to solve. We bring in our consulting experience for the transformation projects that you want to embark upon. Our technology workforce is certified across platforms and delivers a pleasant experience not just for you, but also for your end users.

Our legal and business process outsourcing services augment your business and revenues through automation and introduction of industry-standard processes.

Mark Reed

President – High Ground Partners LLC

Mr. Reed has a proven track record of excellence as a technology industry CEO as well as a prominent executive coach and corporate strategist. Since 1997, High Ground Partners LLC has successfully executed numerous high profile U.S.-based corporate turnaround projects in addition to completing over forty additional consulting engagements focused on refining company strategies, developing leaders, and establishing systems and processes that improve the effectiveness of cross functional teams and the employee/employer relationship. Reed previously served as a Vice President of Marketing and Sales for a business unit of General Electric and was one of the primary drivers in the rapid growth of Portland, OR-based In Focus Systems during the 1990s. He currently serves on several corporate and non-profit boards and is often asked to be the featured speaker at prominent community events on the topics of “High Impact Leadership” and “Marketing and Sales Best Practices.”