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Get To Know iLearn
Unlock New Learning Insights

What is it?


iLearn is designed to give your organization’s learners the tools and resources they need to be successful.

iLearn is a flexible LMS with features that enable organizations to quickly and easily manage, and deliver training content, track employee progress, and measure the impact of learning initiatives. Our intuitive dashboard helps administrators manage learners, assign courses, track progress, and monitor performance in realtime. With our powerful integrated reporting capabilities, you will have the insights to make informed decisions about the learning experience and measure the impact of your training efforts.

Key Features of Our LMS Include

Course Management

Easily incorporate and modify courses tailored to your organization needs.

Quizzes and Assignments

Assess learner progress and performance with engaging quizzes and assignments.

Batch & Resource Management

Simplify the organization of multiple training sessions and manage resources effectively.

Subscription Management

Create various subscription type to suit the needs of your organization.

Attendance, Feedback & e-Certificate

Track learner attendance, gather feedback, and issue e-Certificates to recognize achievements.

Insight with Dashboards

Gain a comprehensive overview of the learning process and track key performance indicators.

Learning Materials

Upload multiple content formats, such as videos, PDFs, and documents, and link to YouTube and other websites.

Learners Management

Enable learners to browse courses and track their progress effortlessly.

Additional Functionalities

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Ensure data security with two-factor authentication, integration with AD/ADFS, and role & group-based access management.

Organization Hierarchy

Organization Hierarchy

Accommodate the function, department, and location structure of your organization, and assign modules accordingly.



Foster a supportive and communicative learning environment with built-in chat facilities and discussion forums for interaction within and across training batches.

Experience the transformative power of our all-inclusive Learning Management Solution and revolutionize the way your organization approaches training and education. Our SaaS platform is specifically designed to cater to corporations, businesses, and institutions of all sizes. It offers a comprehensive and efficient learning experience for management, trainers, and learners alike.