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Unlock the Power of Visual Data: Create Accurate Illustrated Timelines with Ease



Our cutting-edge solution is able to extract timelines from a broad selection of document formats. Using advanced cognitive methods, it is possible to quickly parse dates, times, and events from any document, ordering them accurately in just minutes, saving you hours of manual labor.

The Business Challenges the Solution Addresses

Labor-intensive manual data extraction from documents
Challenges in locating crucial events or lines within documents
Inadequate document organization and management
Restricted support for various document formats and languages
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This application is a versatile, cross-industry solution designed to develop a timeline of events complete with relevant supporting data.

Legal firms managing large volumes of case documents

Research organizations and academic institutions dealing with data-intensive projects

Government agencies handling intricate document archives

Healthcare providers maintaining patient records and documentation

Our cutting-edge machine learning solution enables you to streamline data extraction and document processing like never before, making it significantly easier to manage and organize information of events chronologically. You can redefine data extraction and document processing, leading to improved efficiency and organization.