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iBridge is a Digital Transformation Company

We help organizations solve business problems with digital tools, process automation, cloud-centric architectures, artificial intelligence, operational insights and the expertise of our global team.

We transform your business through our services

Digital Transformation Services

iBridge LLC

Silos can be useful on dairy farms, but they have no place in today’s demanding business environment.  

If your data is trapped in individual systems that don’t talk to each other, you are wasting valuable time and effort that could be used to grow your business.

Technology Services

iBridge LLC

Even if you have all the right tools, you might not be the DIY type. Let iBridge design, build, and maintain your information architecture. Our experts will construct (or rehab) a custom home for your data and all the related technology, to support your business objectives, your budgets, and your teams.

Consulting and Assessment Services

iBridge LLC

You’re drowning in data, but still thirsty for information. Let iBridge synchronize your data flows, by migrating, organizing, transforming, and automating all your data and related processes. Watch as we transform those random data streams into transparent resources that buoy your decision support and operational efficiencies, in full compliance with the latest regulations and best practices.

Legal Support Services

iBridge LLC

E-discovery is a critical component of your successful law practice, but those complex data analysis and case assessment projects can tie up your staff and keep them from more productive activities. Bring iBridge in as second chair, to deliver the actionable information your attorneys need to win the day. We’ve been supporting e-discovery for years, we know the law, and we work with conviction. Case closed.

Process Outsourcing Services

iBridge LLC

It can be a challenge to find the right people to manage your data and tech stacks. Let iBridge bring the experts, so you can get back to business. Plus, in addition to our outstanding service, iBridge is also an excellent host. We’ll cook up a fully integrated, totally accessible data infrastructure to your specifications, then serve up the information you need when you need it.

We Listen.
We Learn.
We Execute.

We step in, we assess, and we conquer your data, but you’ll get all the laurels as iBridge works with you to solve complex business problems on time and on budget. Wherever you go, there we are, with more than 1300 employees worldwide, and vast expertise in manufacturing, supply chain, medical records, and legal research, among many other business data types. Bring iBridge on board, and you’ll be a corporate hero.

Daily Digest

Our iBridge team stays on top of all the business issues and insights that affect our clients. We’ll share our top picks with you, at no charge, when you subscribe to the iBridge Daily Digest. Fill out and submit the subscription form, and you’ll feel smarter immediately.

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