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Digital Transformation Is Not an Indulgence: It Is a Business Necessity

How will your company transition more fully into this new, data-driven future?
Today’s business survival depends on the intelligent deployment of data. Our data consultants and technology experts thrive on transforming stodgy, old-school companies to nimble, competitive enterprises, ready for continued growth.
Let us help you determine and deploy the right level digital transformation (DX) for your organization. 

DX Is a Strategic Imperative

DX describes a company’s gradual adoption of the flexible, digital technologies that support ongoing success. In order to be successful in today’s environment and tomorrow’s, the DX process must be considered a strategic imperative for all organizations, large and small.
DX is not a one-time project, but a discipline and a mindset that will infuse all of your operations and strategic planning for many years to come. You’re not simply migrating data from one system to another but building a new culture of data-driven decision making and operations that will evolve continuously into the future.

DX Yields 25% Higher Profits

Our iBridge DX team will guide your DX plan and implementation, as your company migrates to the modern applications, processes and data-fueled intelligence that align with your strategic goals. In many cases, your DX plan will incorporate and augment your current, familiar toolset, while upgrading your data handling to meet or exceed current standards.
With a well-conceived and executed DX plan, you’ll gain new insights into your business, improve problem-solving, accelerate productivity, and learn more about your customers’ needs. Considering these newfound capabilities, your organization will gravitate naturally to new ideas and methods, intuitively reinventing products, improving operational efficiency, and accelerating enterprise-wide growth. Thinking: Don’t Get Left Behind, iBridge Whitepaper.
You won’t be alone in your newfound capabilities. Studies have shown that digitally advanced companies are up to 25% more profitable, with higher market capitalizations, and a consistent increase in their revenues, based on existing assets.

Support Your Remote Workforce

Most companies have already recognized that DX is a key strategic initiative, but the COVID-19 pandemic added a sense of urgency. Social-distance requirements accelerated the work-from-home trend, but as organizations and employees embrace the flexibility and cost savings of this new work style, it may become a permanent feature for many.
As you may have already discovered, a remote workforce poses new challenges for your information technology stack and staff. Not surprisingly, a majority (59%) of IT decision makers have ramped up their DX plans, according to IDG Research.
This DX initiative often depends on your employees’ performance, which, in turn, depends on the organization’s leadership. This new discipline often requires an expertise that is beyond the comfort zone of many executives. If the DX process is new to your leadership team, iBridge can partner with you on strategic planning, then guide your IT and operational teams throughout the implementation process. Thinking: Could the Reason Your Digital Transformation Progress Is Stalling Be You?

Getting Started

The pace of a digital transformation may vary with the size and type of organization, but most DX journeys can be divided three stages.

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The first stage of the transformation is the actual conversion of data from obsolete software and hardware to a modern, adaptable technology stack, that is often fully or partially cloud-based. Many transformation projects end here, but with iBridge’s guidance, this is only the beginning.

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Stage 2 involves the adaptation of your information and document management to improve operational analysis and decision-making. followed by information, and customers.

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This is arguably the most important stage, as your DX implementation drives increased knowledge of market conditions and customer needs, while giving your teams the awareness and tools to foster a new level of customer satisfaction.

In each stage, iBridge provides the knowledge and experience to help you visualize your DX goals and implement them efficiently. As your organization grows, and more sophisticated technologies become available, iBridge will support your ongoing transformation and help you to achieve continuous improvement in your strategic and operational performance.

Start Your Digital Journey

The journey to digital transformation begins with a single step: call iBridge.
We’ll be by your side from the start, guiding and supporting you on the path to a new, successful future that leads to your most profound strategic objectives.
Envision the goal, and iBridge will help you get there.

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