When thinking about identity theft, the picture that most often comes to mind is credit card fraud or unauthorized access to the victim’s bank account. However, medical identity theft – the act of stealing someone’s health records or other medical information – is quickly climbing the ranks as a threat against the public that may be even more serious…and one that’s spreading all too rapidly.

Medical identity theft represents a systemic flaw that could drive healthcare costs up even further and at worst a tragic situation that could cause sickness or death due to inaccurate health records. Download our free white paper so you can learn seven things about medical ID theft you need to know.

After downloading this white paper, you’ll learn that:

  • Medical ID theft is on the rise
  • Medical ID theft represents nearly half of all identity thefts in the United States
  • Victims of medical ID theft often have little to no recourse after the fact
  • Medical theft is under-researched and under-reported
  • And much more.

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