We Collect, Organize, Analyze
and Interpret Data.


iBridge Can Help. These are Our Services:

The iBridge Team includes experts who can consult on many disciplines from security to process optimization with experience in many industries. Our Software Team develops cost effective scalable solutions in time and on budget.


The strongest results arise when we combine development and project management with our Business Process Outsourcing services; This organization performs repeatable tasks at scale for businesses at a fraction of the internal cost. We use our consulting and software teams to build processes and provide process automation to aid our outsourcing team in performing your tasks quickly, with cost effectiveness and at the best quality level available.


We turnkey projects. We can even help you identify which aspects of your business stand to save cost while reducing backlogs and increasing quality, and then build the roadmap to that success for you.


We begin each transaction with a consultation. This interaction with our clients not only helps us develop personable business relationships, but it also allows us to assess your company’s needs. From there we put together solutions packages designed to optimize your business practices. We work with you to integrate and develop new technology solutions, provide business process outsourcing services and combine human and computer intelligence for data-mining, analytics and more. At iBridge, customer success is at the heart of everything we do.

Process Outsourcing
At iBridge, we are proud to offer Process Outsourcing Services to companies of all sizes. Our team has experience working across a range of industries from Healthcare to Manufacturing, Legal, Financial and more. Every project is looked at holistically to determine, legal, compliance, and technology impact to the culture and continuity of the organization’s success.

Technology Services
With dedicated infrastructure management and software development teams, iBridge helps migrate legacy applications, manage and scale infrastructure; integrate technology, develop and deploy custom software, migrate data, build and maintain databases to support operations.

Consulting Services
iBridge offers a variety of consultation based solutions. These include contract review and management services, eDiscovery, litigation support, cyber security, HIPPA related assessments and process consulting services.