Technology Services

Why Choose iBridge?

With dedicated infrastructure management and software development teams, iBridge helps manage and scale infrastructure; integrate technology, develop and deploy custom software, migrate data, build and maintain databases to support operations. We help our customers prioritize business objectives, maintain budgets, and meet technology requirements of business users.


In collaboration with our partners and Oracle, we provide consulting and a comprehensive suite of Oracle solutions. Between our companies, we employ nearly a thousand consultants, engineers, technologists, and support staff to cover North America, EMEA, and APAC – working across several industries. The partnership has a history of effectively deploying a right-shore model: a well thought out blend of on and offshore services that deliver the most cost-effective and highest quality solutions.


All of our software solutions are stable, feature-rich, user-friendly, and fully customizable across varying platforms. We can handle all aspects of the product development cycle including research and development, prototyping, testing, maintenance, support, and technical writing. We can work for any business from high tech and communications to retail and services, legal, manufacturing, and engineering.


To meet these goals, we look at every aspect of the business, and offer a variety of services and solutions including:


IT Infrastructure: From network monitoring to server consolidation, we develop and implement an IT foundation aligned with your business objectives.


Cybersecurity: Regardless of your business type or size, today’s commercial dialog demands privacy and protection. This means that your data not only needs to be protected at rest, but the integrity of data must be protected in motion. iBridge can protect and secure your data without interruptions.


Email Encryption: iBridge offers encrypted email management services to help ensure your data’s protection.


Legacy Data Migration: iBridge understands the challenges Legacy Data Migration poses, and provides comprehensive tools and resources to help, without interrupting your business.


Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence: We provide data warehousing, business intelligence analysis, and reporting services customized to your environment.


E-Business Suite: Let iBridge handle everything from CRM to ERP solutions, finance, HR and payroll, order management, asset management, supply chain and manufacturing, purchasing, and procurement.


Oracle and Microsoft: We support Oracle and Microsoft applications, databases, and tools.


To successfully manage all of our IT services, iBridge utilizes a wide variety of proprietary, third party, and open source technologies to exceed customer expectations and requirements. For a list of our areas of expertise, click here. 


For more information, contact us at We welcome all questions.