Digital and pre-Publication Services

One of the most incredible opportunities offered by ePub today is the ability for almost anyone to become a publisher. The packaging and distribution function has traditionally been the hurdle for most, because it is so expensive – whether for publishing books or magazines, distributing movies, or broadcasting radio or television programming has been circumvented.


With the convergence of content consumption, delivery, media, production, technology and storage the term electronic-Publishing or ePub encompasses a wide range of technology and digital goods and services.


Moreover, software publishing requires essentially the same infrastructure as electronic publishing with software becoming an intrinsic component of Publishing.


The possibilities inherent in ePub are truly limitless. We find entire or partial books online, electronic magazines, academic journals, graduate theses, libraries of sounds and pictures, directories of information, training manuals, political statements – anything that an organization or individual has the imagination to conceive and believes others will be interested in.


With a strong technology background and a specialty in collecting, organizing, converting, analyzing, and interpreting data iBridge regularly takes on Digital and pre-Publication assignments where information traditionally delivered via print or simple digital files which must now be created, enriched, and packaged for new formats and devices – to meet the growing and evolving need for smarter digital content.


Some of our Digital and pre-Publication support services can bebroadly categorized as follows:

  • ePublishing (Publishing XML)
  • Electronic publication (PDF to eBook | Word to eBook | XML to eBook) — Dailies, Magazines & Newspaper archives
  • Electronic data conversion to mark-up format (XML/HTML/SGML conversion)
  • Data capture, conversion and digitization | Composition | Proofing
  • Image Processing (Hand sketching | Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop | Raster / Vector processing | Relabeling and redrawing | Color enhancement and manipulation)

For more information, contact us at info@ibridgellc.com. We welcome all questions.