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Contract Review Services

iBridge’s contract administration services eases the burden of managing numerous contracts as well as minimizes the risk of breaches in contractual obligation. We help clients better understand and administer their contractual and licensing relationships to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory policies and business relationships. Our team of skilled professionals and review attorneys will manage and administer the entire contract review revisions process.


By using our staff, we lower the overall cost of contract management, allowing your staff more time for substantive work, and freeing your budget to be directed elsewhere.


We support Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) functions by ensuring exposure to risk of non-compliant obligation is well understood across the enterprise.


Representative Services: 

  • Contract administrative management including local and global NDA’s
  • Amending contracts to comply with regulatory guidelines
  • Draft generation and maintenance of up to date versions
  • Contract database archival
  • Enterprise-wide contract obligations summaries
  • Standard corporate document management
  • Contract foreclosure and renewal follow-up
  • Contract provisions monitoring/management
  • Expiration notification/advising
  • Tracking changes in laws pertaining to current contracts
  • Change notifications on existing or new provisions

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