Business Process Optimization

Management is constantly measured by its ability to reduce costs, improve productivity, and exceed client expectations, while ensuring internal operations are aligned with market conditions. iBridge can assist with all these metrics by providing our refined BPO models, which ensure smooth transitions, allowing for cost reductions almost immediately.


We can use our rapidly deployable infrastructure and resources to keep pace with your growth, and allow for an accelerated market deployment time-table. Our focus in each interaction is to utilize a combination of people, process, and technology to rapidly and positively impact each client’s business regardless of size, allowing our clients to remain competitive in the ever-changing global economy. Today through technology, it is possible to integrate services previously departmentalized, eliminating duplicate services, lowering costs, increasing user satisfaction, and improving vital information sharing.


Clarify: Survey customer and employee needs tied to objectives, asses capabilities tied to goals, and ensure major stakeholders drive initiatives.


Prepare: Identify processes and inter-relationships, prepare collection plans endorsed by cross-functional teams.


Focus: Create and map process models, gather and analyze data, prioritize, deploy, and assess quality driven results.


Design: Create and recommend changes to the processes and technology landscape, and develop a quality roadmap tied to attainable objectives.


Implement: Design a smooth transition plan, deploy technology and processes as required to help with the plan, implement, test, and retrain.


Monitor: Review performance metrics, target and refine processes tied to emerging issues, stabilize the process.


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