India Advantage

Looking at creating an offshore presence, but not sure of where to start, or whether your gains will exceed potential loss? iBridge offers a risk-free way for manufacturing companies to leverage the engineering and strategic resources available in India. As our expertise in engineering and research development related services continues to grow, we provide a host of solutions for companies seeking to test the offshore model, with the ultimate objective of transitioning to a solely company owned facility. We provide everything you need to establish an offshore center, from the physical space and infrastructure, to security and highly qualified personnel, including in-country management teams.


We begin by collaborating with our customers to understand their overall objective, and develop a business plan. Our deep association at governmental and industry in India give us the unique ability to quickly identify key players within, or outside of, our organization that best match the business plan in place. After the paperwork and nondisclosure agreements are out of the way, we review facilities to ensure proper capabilities before scheduling an onsite visit. At the joint visit, our staff manages the entire trip for you, to ensure you understand local cultural traditions, and your comfort.


Consider India. We will get you there.

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