Case Studies


Document Management Project for Petroleum Industry:

The Client: An Oil Refinery


Issue: The client was undergoing a business transformation, shedding assets and rebuilding their business model to stay current. They needed to digitize engineering drawings, equipment records, operational information, human resource records, medical records, and legal records. Due to the operational nature of the data files, they had to be scanned onsite. This project had a short time deadline.


Solution: iBridge rapidly mobilized, to provide a team onsite to scan and index all documents. Other than litigation documents, all other documents would be scanned and indexed tied to a file structure, search taxonomy of an existing DMS implementation. Litigation related documents once scanned, subjectively coded, and tagged; those under litigation hold were loaded into an iBridge repository for retention. Aside from the paper records, iBridge collected 20TB of active server data related to ongoing litigation. During this project, our document management team worked with the refinery to organize its records library to meet internal and regulatory compliance, and develop a litigation preparedness strategy.


Preparing for ICE Audits and Internal Compliance Objectives:

The Client: One Of the World’s Largest Companies


Issue: The Company needed to prepare for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) audits and needed to meet internal compliance requirements related to employee records.


Solution: iBridge designed a process that included methodical scanning, indexing, OCR, and capturing Metadata tied to a complex taxonomy. The file structure was divided by internal correspondence and INS documents. To comply with existing privacy laws and protect the highly confidential information stored in these files, the project needed to be completed onsite. iBridge provided all necessary staff, hardware, and software to scan over 30,000 files of foreign nationals and an equally large number of US nationals. Our team worked 24/7 to minimize costs and maximize turnaround.
The data was prepped and barcode fliers were inserted to identify sections of the files to ensure integrity at the file folder level. We matched the fliers to folder name, verified Corporate ID numbers, and barcoded flyers. Documents were scanned in color at 300 dpi and saved as color PDF files by Last Name, First Name, DOB, Country, Account number, and Corporate ID number. The images were reviewed for quality, then de-skewed and automatically cropped via image processing software for optimum file compression. Once this process was completed, we converted each image to a searchable PDF, extracted Metadata to allow a full text search, and uploaded into an enterprise wide deployment of SharePoint.


Labor and Employment:

The Client: A Large Telecom and Communications Company


Issue: The Company needed to determine whether the misclassification of employees over time was tied to a specific regional office or whether employees were misclassified across multiple regions.


Solution: Our analysis was to be utilized in determining case strategy. The company had no unified source of payroll. We negotiated and worked with each payroll source, acquiring and normalizing the data. Then we provided analysis and extensive customized reporting to allow the company and its outside counsel to analyze the data and determine how best to proceed. We hosted the data for the six-month engagement.


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