We distill your manufacturing data into actionable
findings that you can use to eliminate bottlenecks,
increase throughput and run lean.


iBridge knows that manufacturing clients are constantly looking at ways to improve collaboration among suppliers, and reduce supply chain inefficiencies. We are here to help. We collaborate with experts industry-wide to ensure we understand all our customers’ needs from every angle and can resolve any issues appropriately. To do so, we utilize the most effective software, hardware, design, and business practices.
All of our software solutions are stable, feature-rich, user-friendly and fully customizable across varying platforms. We can handle all aspects of the product development cycle including research and development, prototyping, testing, maintenance, support, and technical writing.


To meet these goals, we look at every aspect of the business, and we offer a variety of services and solutions including:


Applications: Optimizing your application portfolio used to run your business.
Back-Office on Demand: We turn-up and turn-down services from order processing to sourcing as the needs of the business fluctuates.
IT Infrastructure: From network monitoring to server consolidation, we develop and implement an IT foundation in synch with your business objectives.
Oracle: We support Oracle applications, databases, and tools, in collaboration with an Oracle Partner.
Component Engineering Databases: Our team combines our skills in technology and databases to manage diversified component systems.
Business Intelligence: We provide business intelligence tools, analysis, and reporting services customized to your environment.


To successfully manage all of our IT services, iBridge utilizes a wide variety of propriety, third-party, and open source technologies to exceed customer expectations and requirements.


Manufacturing Case Study

Document Management Project for Petroleum Industry:


The Client: An Oil Refinery
Issue: The client was undergoing a business transformation, shedding assets and rebuilding their business model to stay current. They needed to digitize engineering drawings, equipment records, operational information, human resource records, medical records, and legal records. Due to the operational nature of the data files, they had to be scanned onsite. This project had a short time deadline.
Solution: iBridge rapidly mobilized, to provide a team onsite to scan and index all documents. Other than litigation documents, all other documents would be scanned and indexed tied to a file structure, search taxonomy of an existing DMS implementation. Litigation related documents once scanned, subjectively coded, and tagged; those under litigation hold were loaded into an iBridge repository for retention. Aside from the paper records, iBridge collected 20TB of active server data related to ongoing litigation. During this project, our document management team worked with the refinery to organize its records library to meet internal and regulatory compliance and develop a litigation preparedness strategy.


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