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Typical Business Critical Assessments

Healthcare Service Provider Assessment


By assessing the organization, our clients can quickly see where they must focus their attention within the healthcare practice. The diagnostic assessment helps them develop a roadmap for success. It enables them to root cause problems that need fortification. This assures fixing the problem at its source and not treating a symptom.


An assessment also confirms that improvement projects stick; thereby improving operations and compliance.



Law Firm Operational Assessment


Law firm effectiveness is being tested every day. From billable hour to breaches, it is non-stop and keeps firms from focusing on their core business of practicing law. That’s where the operational effectiveness assessment steps in to help. It provides the roadmap to focus vital energy on those problems that need solving.


iBridge’s Law Firm Operational Effectiveness Assessment identifies critical short-comings and unexploited opportunities in a firm’s strategy that hinder growth and profitability.


Organizational IT Assessment


Are your systems on life support? If so, iBridge’s assessment can help you understand eight key areas of your business. By understanding these areas, it enables the business to identify critical deficiencies hindering your business from growing and profitability. The assessment sets your business up for success by creating a roadmap to align resources, and improve keys systems.


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