Administrative Support

Secure, Encrypted Email Solution: This is not PGP encryption and hoping for the best. We provide a platform to not only encrypt your email but also provides complete intelligence recall, expiry; establishes chain of custody, and extensive tracking amongst other features to launch an affirmative defense in case of a breach. It is simple to use and install with no capital investment.


Records Management: Effective management of patient records, personnel records, and supporting documents is a critical factor in the success of every major hospital or large physician practice. The new normal seems to be a data breach or more a day. Today all we hear about is a data breach. While security is paramount, the complexity of managing administrative, diagnostic, and dispensing records in clinics and private practices, and by those providing in-home care and mobile services, makes data management a collaborative challenge across multiple functions and platforms. We provide solutions for complete document management and business records management for hospitals and physician practices including onsite records scanning. If you sell or close your practice, we can manage your records to ensure you meet your legal and ethical obligations.


Data Conversion: Common practice requires office staff to spend inordinate amounts of time capturing patient information. It is an inefficient use of time of trained professionals and expensive. We can move this function out of your office and save you time and money. Our outsourcing services include Electronic Medical Record Storage, Healthcare Document Management and indexing medical records such as Insurance Information, Health Insurance ID card, Patient’s demographic sheet and EOBs. Once the documents are scanned and available as images, our team performs medical records indexing to your electronic health record (EHR) or Document Management system (DMS) or the Practice management software (PMS). The value your practice is an error free process managed by a team of trained professionals, bottom line it saves you both time and money.


Forms Processing: Forms are an intermediate step of transferring information between people or a business system. We add value by accelerating processes and decisions by securely and accurately extracting or verifying information. We quickly and accurately capture information forms containing PHI, financial information, charts, lab reports, intake forms, inventory, surveys etc. We ensure the data we return is accurate and usable.

For more information, contact us at info@ibridgellc.com. We welcome all questions.