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iBridge and its partners guide healthcare organizations of all sizes towards efficient and innovative business models. We offer deep strategic capabilities combined with a sharp focus on information utilization to provide immediate results. Our consultants and in-house experts can address most business challenges by translating emerging healthcare technology concepts into real business benefits to drive profitability.


With the passage of the ACA, changes in regulations, increased consumer awareness, and push for cost containment through outcomes, technology integration, and interoperability for healthcare organizations, it is a perfect storm! While this may seem challenging, it is the right time to revamp every business process and rethink investments to ensure long-term stability and growth.

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Healthcare Case Studies

Hospital Document Management System:


The client: A Large Five-Hospital System Located at Texas
Issue: Scan, doc type, index, and create load files for the hospital enterprise-wide document management system. Department users needed fast retrieval of documents from the repository, and the IT department did not have time to invest building the taxonomy or creating the repository.
Solution: iBridge and its partner presented a SaaS-based solution, which addressed two broad needs of the corporation: a document repository with controlled access and a document review platform for litigation preparedness. Our platform met the document management and HIPAA security needs of the different departments. Our billing process also allows them to allocate the invoice across the different departments.


For the departments that maintained a dedicated staff to scan in documents, we could come in and capture the rules, document them, and institutionalize loading the documents into the repository. We met very aggressive SLA requirements that even the hospital’s own staff, with years of experience, could not match. This has allowed the hospital to repurpose their internal human resources and save significant operational costs.


We have also been able to expand our services without compromising on performance or quality to provide 24/7 level two support for the hospital.


Medical Record Repository:


The client: A Regional Hospital
Issue: Digitizing and hosting of employee medical records. The project required conversion of paper-based files to digital images for fast access, storage, and backup for disaster recovery.
Solution: iBridge’s solution was to scan the records onsite, working 24/7 to minimize costs, maximize turnaround, and index the captured images after 100% QC. The scanned images were saved as color JPEG files organized by Last Name, First Name, and Social Security Number; and then converted to black and white TIFF images. Each image was inspected for quality, then deskewed and cropped via image processing software to ensure optimum file compression. All files were then uploaded in an active document management system and images were stored offsite per the client’s instructions.


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