VisionPLUS Support & Innovation

Working with VisionPLUS can be complex and expensive, so let iBridge handle the back end for you, allowing you to focus on the sales and marketing. Our team comprises industry experienced professionals and world class project managers. We collaborate fully on every step of the project to rapidly deploy and test credit card programs, completing the modeling, design, specifications, architecture, issuing of plastic, web interfaces, and reporting. With iBridge everything is handled from a new card launch, application re-engineering and testing, enhancement releases, and full maintenance and support. We also work to extend VisionPLUS capabilities in the following areas:


  • Fast Prototyping: Put VisionPLUS to work by having iBridge build seamless and secure web interfaces to provide to your customers and management teams with access the right, up to the minute information.
  • Interfaces: Simplify the VisionPLUS system with secure web interfaces that allow you to:
    • Upload new accounts
    • Authorize activity
    • Post payments
    • Update Accounts
  • Analytics and Reporting: We provide institutions and businesses with enterprise-wide reporting to make the best business decisions by creating databases, providing daily and historical extraction and analysis of data, and data-mining and business intelligence.

For more information, contact us at We welcome all questions.