We balance technology with human
services to create a winning strategy


Why Choose iBridge?

From data-mining and analysis, flexible and scalable back office services to private label credit cards and VisionPLUS services, iBridge works with financial institutions and insurance companies to reduce their cost of operations by creating successful and innovative business models and practices.


A new normal is emerging tied to regulatory and compliance requirements. This shift is not only in legislation but also in public perception. Institutions willing to change and innovate will see gains in consumer and business markets. To capture market share financial services firms must reposition themselves to align with these new growth opportunities as other institutions merge or exit a market.


A critical step in transforming a business is starting with the IT foundation to adapt to new and changing markets. We help financial institutions develop and deploy new business solutions to increase efficacy across all data assets. iBridge understands the value and use of data as a strategic asset.


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