Safeguarding Data

iBridge understands that internal and external users can be hard to please, and NRC regulations must be met, so we offer one of the simplest and most intelligently secure messaging platforms in the world, Protected Trust, offered as a Private-Secure SaaS solution.  This platform offers nuclear organizations a fully branded and deployed solution that works seamlessly with MS Outlook, Office 365, web browsers, and mobile devices – and can communicate with any email address globally. With its wide array of intelligence features, it transforms communication while providing a secure auditable trail.


This platform includes:


  • 2 Levels of Encryption (128-bit SSL & 256-bit AES)
  • NIST-Certified Key Management Servers (FIPS 140-2 L3)
  • Unique Out-of-Band Authentication and Identity Verification (SMS/Phone/Operator)



  • Enable compliance with NRC, NEI, CIPS, FERC, NERC, PCI, SOX, SB-1386, 201CMR17, NRS-597.970, and more



  • Uses your existing email address & infrastructure
  • Branded, Easy to Use, and requires no Downloads
  • Full Audit Trail & Real Time Tracking of all messages (Read, Reply, Forward, Print, Download, etc.)
  • Full Message Recall & Per Message Expiry
  • Gigabyte File Size Delivery (5GB/message)
  • Universal Access-MS Outlook 2003/07/10/13/ Office 365, Secure Web Client, Secure Mobile Client, iPhone, iPad, and more

To download the platform presentation, click here.


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