Why Choose iBridge?

We integrate and develop new technology solutions, provide business process outsourcing services and combine human and computer intelligence for data-mining, analytics and more.


Nuclear industry professionals deal with an extreme amount of sensitive and critical information daily. With the recent rise in cyber security and email threats, data breaches and identity theft have increased exponentially. The legal and financial liabilities, which stem from such breaches, can be catastrophic to a facility. iBridge works to provide security to “data-in-motion” considering individualized needs – and devising effective and economical methodologies designed to fit each client’s scope and budget. We work to prevent data breaches, and assist in the fall-out after the fact.


As business costs increase due to the ever-increasing amount of data and increased threats to that data, iBridge works to form economical plans of information management. We utilize a business model, which leverages people, process, and technology – working with a diverse team of legal and information technology experts to provide seamless and cost-effective results. We work closely with the Nuclear Information & Records Management Association ( NIRMA ). This relationship allows us to meet NIRMA’s strict guidelines for information and records management for both commercial and Department of Energy facilities.

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