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Cloud is essentially a flexible, scalable, pay-per-use model for the way IT services are delivered and consumed, typically through short-term contracts.

What Healthcare Execs Need to Know about ICD-9 to 10 Conversion

What Healthcare Execs Need to Know about ICD-9 to 10 Conversion (But Were Afraid to Ask)

3 Steps to Successful Information Governance

Over the past several years, we have seen an increase awareness of terms such as Cyber Security, Compliance, Privacy and Data Breach. Terms that strike fear in the minds of management…

7 Things About Medical Identity Theft Healthcare Executives Need to Know

When thinking about identity theft, the picture that most often comes to mind is credit card fraud or unauthorized access to the victim’s bank account. However, medical identity theft…

Is your Contract Management Just “Good Enough”?

Contracts are a fundamental building block in any business. They constitute the binding relationship between a company and its customers and suppliers; defining the terms, conditions and changes for the…

Social Media Investigations

– Eli Rosenblatt, iBridge Forensic & Fraud Examiner –
You may not have a “spirit animal” or know much about rodentology, but the best investigators I know are experts at “ferreting out” needed information. As it happens, the analogy to this lithe, highly intelligent carnivorous mini-weasel is particularly apt when it comes to professional…

Email Encryption: 10 Things You Don’t Know that Can Hurt you

The fact that email allows two people on totally separate networks to communicate across thousands of mails is one of its undeniable benefits, yet this incredible flexiblity is also one of the reasons that data…

10 Legal Industry Threats, Challenges and Trends You Need to Know in 2016

As recently as a decade ago, the legal industry was enjoying a lucrative golden age. New law students graduated into high-paying entry-level jobs, and law firms had no lack of clients…..

Forensic Collection of Cell Phones

Cell phones are becoming an integral part and a personal record of people’s lives. Cell phone owners rely on their devices not only as telephones, but also as cameras (54 percent of users), internet browsers (44 percent), and mobile bankers (18 percent)…

Law Firms and Cyber Attacks

Digital security is becoming a more frequent topic in the legal world, as are the ethical questions brought up by the increasing frequency (and publicity) surrounding cyber attacks…

The Underground Economy of Data Breaches

While the vast majority of business owners think of a data breach as a single event, the truth is that a breach never just stops there..

Using Back-Office Services and Outsourcing to Accelerate Growth

The practice of outsourcing back-office services is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why…