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iBridge LLC Reduces New Data Center’s Overhead Costs by 70% While Increasing Storage Capacity, Scalability, and Flexibility

iBridge LLC is a professional services firm headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with operations in the United States, EMEA, and India. iBridge specializes in perfecting a company’s data and managing its information to provide valuable insights for management decision support. The company uses its expertise to help customers capture, normalize, analyze, and report data. iBridge supports mission-critical information and applications for approximately 100 companies in the legal, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and financial services sectors.
iBridge’s customers require large amounts of bandwidth and storage, as well as extensive data manipulation capabilities. Data security is also critical to iBridge clients, which include healthcare and financial services organizations, as well as law firms. To meet evolving customer needs, iBridge decided to build a data center near its Beaverton headquarters. The company viewed the new facility as an opportunity to provide a cost-effective U.S.-based data center option for its clients that require extreme security for their data.
The company required a world-class storage system that would scale seamlessly while assuring uninterrupted access to vital information. In addition, iBridge wanted a storage partner that understood the managed-IT-services business model and the company’s need to deliver high levels of customer service, support dynamic growth, comply with stringent service level agreements (SLAs), and meet increasingly complex regulatory requirements.
After reviewing several options, iBridge selected Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 storage system for its unsurpassed capacity utilization, on-the-fly expandability, redundancy and simplified management. Specifically, Pillar Axiom 600 will accommodate iBridge’s five-year growth projections while reducing administrative overhead costs by 70% when compared to legacy storage environments in iBridge’s other data centers.


  • Expand business opportunities by providing customers that require extreme data security―such as healthcare and financial services organizations, as well as law firms and government agencies―with a highly-secure and cost-effective U.S.-based data center option
  • Ensure scalability and flexibility to meet five-year growth projections for customer data needs
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), compared to legacy storage environments at other data centers, by developing a platform that iBridge can expand and manage with minimal labor and support resources
  • Find a storage partner that understands the managed-IT-services business model and its rigorous customer service, availability, performance, and compliance requirements
  • Deployed Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 storage system as the foundation for a new U.S.-based data center, which provides an extremely secure environment that is price-competitive with off-shore options
  • Gained the ability to scale the storage environment rapidly and cost effectively to meet five-year growth projections with the Pillar Axiom solution, which enables organizations to add storage bricks quickly―in just minutes―and with few resources
  • Reduced TCO by selecting a system that is easy to manage using standard Microsoft tools, enabling iBridge to maintain its Pillar Axiom environment in just minutes a week and eliminating the need for a dedicated, full-time administrator for the environment
  • Reduced administrative overhead costs by 70% compared to legacy storage environments in iBridge’s other data centers
  • Ensured high levels of redundancy with dual active/active controllers and fault-tolerant power supplies that help the company meet strict uptime requirements
  • Acquired unique quality-of-service software and application-aware capabilities that can optimize performance on a per-application basis—such as adjusting processing speeds to meet to customers’ analytical requirements
  • Found a storage partner that enables iBridge to keep pace with customer needs, which, in one instance, involved instantly providing 20 terabytes of data to a customer on demand
  • Developed an infrastructure that can expand to 1.6 petabytes of raw capacity, helping to keep pace with data surges—especially as the company handles more healthcare digital imaging projects
  • Installed initial deployment in just four hours
  • Oracle Product and Services: Pillar Axiom 600

Why Oracle

“Other storage systems can cost up to 60% more than Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600, which definitely plays in its favor. In addition, Pillar Axiom’s scalability and performance will help us in many ways looking ahead,” said Desh Urs, CEO & President, iBridge LLC.
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